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Certified Free Range & Grass Fed Meats.
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Why we only sell free range, grass fed products.
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We take Free Range and Grass Fed seriously. In fact, we take it so seriously that we have a protocol in place! The green stamp at the top of this page is certification that our meat has been sourced according to this protocol.

The guiding principles of this protocol are –

  1. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall not be fed a diet that is not natural to the animal. In particular BEEF and SHEEP shall be raised on a diet almost exclusively of indigenous grass. PORK shall be raised on a diet of forage and may include other feed as long as the feed does not contain meat from the same species.
  2. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall be allowed to roam freely in large pastures for the animals’ entire lives prior to slaughter and shall not be locked in a feedlot or in man-made structures (whether with or without restraining pens or cages or tethering systems) except at night or during adverse weather conditions.
  3. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK feed shall be free of routine antibiotics and chemicals designed to stimulate growth.
  4. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall be slaughtered humanely at a registered abattoir that is close to the farm.
  5. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall be transported in a hygienic and safe manner before and after slaughter.
  6. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall be deboned and prepared in hygienic premises.
  7. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall be advertised as Braeside’s Free Range Grass Fed meat by approved customers only.
  8. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall be traced from farm to fork.

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